How to Earn Money with TVS Point System

TVShowServer has created a unique point system to reward users by promoting fair competition within the TVS community. Users will earn points for each action they take, and the top 10 users of each month would be awarded with TVS dollars which can then be used to purchase items from the TVS gift shop or to receive cash in USD.

How to Earn Points

Action Point Description
Write Reviews or Discussions 400 Post your opinion on any episode or on the discussion board and earn point after your comment has been approved.
Friend Referrals 175 Use the referral button on the right of the footer and earn points for every single unique referral who come to TVS using your link.
Episode Ratings 125 You will instantly earn points by rating each episode of your favorite TV Shows.

What are the Prizes

Every month the top 10 members are awarded $1,200.00 TVS based on this algorithm:

Place Finish Monthly Reward % Monthly Reward $
First Place 30.00% $360.00
Second Place 18.00% $216.00
Third Place 12.00% $144.00
4th Place 8.00% $96.00
5th Place 7.00% $84.00
6th - 10th Place (Each) 5.00% $60.00

How to Make $$$

By default, we recommend to use your winning to buy stuff from the gift shop, but if you wish to receive the equivalant amount of your gift in any major currency, we will be happy to send it to your paypal account or via western union.

All members are required to follow the point system guide lines in order to be eligible to compete in the point system.